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LeptospirosisLeptospirosis is a disease caused by infection with the Leptospira bacteria, which can be found in the water and soil, and is most often transmitted to animals via urine.

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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is the most common disease affecting our dogs and cats. Luckily, it also happens to be one of the most preventable and treatable diseases.

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dog-410946 wide

Dermatophytosis, more commonly known as “ringworm”, is an infectious skin condition that affects both dogs and cats.  It is a frustrating issue many pet owners in the region encounter due to its difficulty to definitively diagnose, lengthy treatment protocols, and potential contagion to pet parents.

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slideFeline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is a term used to describe a variety of conditions that affect the urinary bladder and urethra of cats. Although FLUTD can occur in cats of any age, it is seen most frequently in middle­aged overweight cats that eat a dry diet.

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Separation Anxiety

dog17Separation anxiety can be a frustrating issue for owners to deal with. It is a condition that is more likely to occur in animals that have never been left alone, have been abandoned, or have had multiple homes.

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Winter Pet Safety


Happy Holidays! We want you and your pets to stay warm and safe this winter, so take a look at these pet safety tips! Have fun and stay safe!

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Understanding Twisted Stomach


Bloat, twisted stomach, or torsion are all terms that describe a serious condition in dogs. In order to promote awareness and education about this condition, please view and share this graphic. If you or anyone you know has ever dealt with this life threatening condition, you know that it can be devastating. Please help us spread the word and help educate dog owners.

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Why Spay or Neuter?


Why should you spay and neuter your pet? Besides a variety of health benefits that help your pet live a longer, happier life, there are also behavioral benefits as well. Not to mention it helps decrease the number of homeless pets and strays that get euthanized every year. Read this article for more reasons why you should spay or neuter your pet.

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